Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Day 3!

Today in math we moved on to lesson two in new unit measurement. Today we looked at measuring distance. We did a small experiment where students were broken up into two groups, created a ramp using construction paper, textbooks and a ruler. Students were tasked with rolling a marble down the ramp and timing how long it would take to reach each point marked on the meter stick. In bringing the math activity out of the textbook and into the real world students were able to visually see the pattern and able to apply the same strategies they used in the activity to the homework practice questions. Students were asked to complete questions 1-5 on page 199 of the textbook an page  78 and 79 of the workbook. 

In Language today we continued to work on our spelling - due tomorrow - and practicing for our spelling test on Friday. 

In Unit Of Inquiry today we began our presentation. Check some of the photos below to see our work!

Math textbook page 199 #1-5
Workbook page 78 and 79 
Read for 30 minutes 
Casual day forms due the 25th
Please note there is a large amount for clothing that belongs in the lost and found next to the gym doors.Be sure to stop by and see if anything belongs to your child. 

Monday, 21 October 2019

Day 2

Happy Monday! Welcome to another week in our grade 4 class... 

Today we started the day off with math. We began our new unit 6 Measurement today. We looked at measuring time; we used small clocks and a large calendar to help us tell what the days are in a month and what the time is in day but also how can we convert it to SI notation. See below for homework and practice questions. 

In Language we continued to work on our Anne of Green Gables summary package to conclude our first novel study of the year. Students had one hour to work on it in class today and time at the end of the day, if it is not yet completed it can be done so for homework and handed in tomorrow morning. We also had some time to work on our Spelling lesson 7 due Wednesday and our test will be Friday. 

Our UOI summatives will be presented tomorrow in class in the afternoon. students will have so time to review and practice and presentations will happen in the afternoon. 

Math page 196 numbers 1,2,3,4,5 
Math workbook page 76 and 77 
Language Anne of Green Gables package due tomorrow 
Gym tomorrow 
Casual day forms due 
Read for 30 minutes

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Day 3!

Happy Thursday 

Today in Math we continued with our final review for the math test coming up on Tuesday. Students had a chance to work on the review questions in class and we had a chance to go over some factors that students still had questions about. The final review is now homework for the weekend and we will have our test on Tuesday morning after the long weekend. 

In Language we continued to work on our international day preparation. Students have started to put together the presentation boards for next weeks international day. We have chosen to present about Canada. Each group has been assigned a different topic (clothing, food, Imports/Exports etc) and will continue to work on the presentation boards in the coming days. 

In Language today we had our spelling test ad we did some silent reading. 

Math review package 
Math test Tuesday 
RazKids reading and worksheet 
Read an additional 30 minutes 
Remember there is no school tomorrow or Monday for Thanksgiving weekend 
Students have taken home DRA's Please be sure to check agenda bags this weekend 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Day 1

Happy Tuesday 
And congratulations to our new Star of the week Alister! 

In Language today we finished our spelling lesson 5 and we getting ready for the spelling test this coming Thursday as Friday is a PA day and there will be no school for students. Spelling words are listed below. We also did some daily 5 reading today for students to enjoy some quiet time after a busy day. 

Math today we continued with our review. We did a quick review on multiplication and division and also did some practice strategies using base ten blocks and our multiplication chart. We then had some in class time for a division practice worksheet and some textbook practice homework questions. We will take up all the homework tomorrow and the next practice package will be handed for homework and to help students be ready for Thursday. 

In Unit of Inquiry we worked together on an art piece of a native artist by the name of Norval Morisseau. Check out our art work below 

Math textbook page 74 #1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 Page 75 10,11,12,13,15,16
Math worksheet
Math test Thursday 
Read 30 minutes 
Spelling due tomorrow 
Spelling test Thursday 
Sign quiz and spelling test 
No school Friday and Monday for Thanksgiving
Students have been asked to bring in a device for tomorrow 

Spelling 5 words below 

Grade 4 spelling words below 

Day 5!

 Happy Friday && Have a wonderful weekend 
Today we won the Golden Broom! Congratulation class!

In Language today we continued talking about Anne of Green Gables. Students spoke about the summary they wrote yesterday afternoon. We continued to write some more points about the book and the final summary will be finished for Monday. 

In Math today we started to review some strategies for division. Using mental math and with our base ten blocks we were able to sit in the reading corner and use the manipulative to help us to finish some of the questions that were sent for homework today. A math package was sent for homework and it will be taken up on Monday in class. See below for student photos. 

In Unit of Inquiry we continued to discover Canada and its regions. We had our Physical Regions of Canada quiz and continued to learn about the regions but this time we continued to explore the Economic regions but completing a group activity that allowed us to cut and paste into a chart the description of each region and also the name and location of each economic region in Canada. See below for the pictures of us in the reading corner. 

Complete Math package 
Finish Anne of Green Gables Summary
Read Raz Kids 

Today was our trip to GlowZone! See below for all our photos! 

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Day 4

Rainy Thursdays call for a quiet reading in the reading corner ! 📚📙📗📖📘

Language today we finished our first novel of the year! We took some time this morning to sit together in the reading corner and finish the book as a group. We had a quick discussion about the novel and how we felt about the recent events in the book. We also completed a quick one page summary of the novel that included some of the main facts we took from the story. 
We also completed our lesson 4 spelling test today. 

Today in Unit of Inquiry we continued to do our research of the natural resources in each province. Students were then given the task of presenting their finding of each provinces natural resources so that collectively as a group we have all the notes from each province and territory. Check below to see our pictures from the day. We also had some time to go over our maps and have a quick discussion about the physical regions of Canada. Tomorrow we will have a final quiz for this unit and students will be asked to label one final map of Canada with the physical regions and one description of each region. Check below for the map we will be tested on. 

Read 30 minutes 
Finish Anne of Green Gables summary 
study for map quiz tomorrow 

*** tomorrow we will be going to Glow Zone in the afternoon, students attending must come to school in Gym uniform ... students not attending must come to school in regular uniform and bring Gym uniform to change for class with Mr Orr *** 

Map of the regions for quiz tomorrow listed below 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Day 3!

Happy Wednesday and congratulations to our Inquirer winners Rohaan and Khaliya 

In Math today we continued to explore our multiplication charts and looked at how to multiply single and double digit numbers. We had in class time to finish our math worksheets and took up some of the answers together as a group so we could practice strategies that help us solve our multiplication questions but also will help us when it comes to our division strategies tomorrow. No homework was assigned for math today. 

In Language we finished reading chapter 21 and 22 of our Anne of Green Gables novel and are tasked with completing the final worksheet (Researcher) for homework. The whole package will be collected tomorrow and marked over the weekend. Students are expected to have all worksheets completed and handed in tomorrow by the end of the day. We will finish the novel tomorrow in class. Our spelling test will also be tomorrow instead of Friday as we have our Glow Zone trip on Friday for those students participating. In class time was given to practice spelling words and it is homework tonight. 

In Unit of Inquiry we continued to discover the different natural resources of Canada. Students we put into small groups and asked to discover the natural resources of different provinces. Each student was asked to come up with a few points from their province and tomorrow we will share as a class and have a class discussion on the natural resources of Canada. 

*** Our Glow Zone field trip is on Friday afternoon- I will be attending- all students who have chosen not to participate will be staying with Ms Samuel and will have work assigned to them***
*** International Day prep will begin tomorrow- we have chosen Canada and students will begin research tomorrow afternoon ***
*** A special thank you to all the students for the lovely message on my whiteboard today after lunch*** 

Anne of Green Gables read chapter 21 and 22 
Researcher worksheet due tomorrow and full package of AGG 
Read 20 munites
Spelling test tomorrow morning 
No music tomorrow but we will have library instead 
Spelling words below 
Grade 4 words

Grade 5 words